The MegaBitMeter scale is easily exchangeable. Print your own on heavy paper or cardboard or ask us to make your custom scale on a laser cutter. This Howto shows how to exchange the scale for meters of MegaBitMeter batch one.

MegaBitMeter - Exchanging the scale

MegaBitMeter - Exchange Scale by Your Own

Step 1 – find the scale slot

Turn your MegaBitMeter to the side to find the black clip that covers the scale slot (fig.1).

MegaBitMeter scale slot cover

Fig.1: MegaBitMeter scale slot cover

Step 2 – insert screw river

Carefully insert a small, flat screw driver in between the clip and the housing (fig.2).

MegaBitMeter - Removing the Scale

Fig. 2: MegaBitMeter - Open the scale slot

Step 3 – pull away the clip

Carefully remove the clip (fig. 3 and fig. 4).

MegaBitMeter - Exchanging the scale

Fig.3: Remove the clip

MegaBitMeter - Exchanging the scale

Fig.4: Pull away the clip

Step 4 – pull out the scale

Find the notch at the side of the scale sheet, insert screw driver and gently pull the scale out (fig. 5 and fig. 6).

MegaBitMeter - Exchanging the scale

Fig. 5: Remove the scale

MegaBitMeter - Exchanging the scale

Fig. 6: Pull out the scale

Step 5 – Exchange the scale

Exchange the scale and proceed backwards 🙂

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